About Scarlet Ferret

Our books push boundaries because they're truly independent!

My name is Kevin Beynon. I founded Scarlet Ferret in 2020 as a curated ebookshop, where I hand-pick the books I absolutely love, and sell them as Special Edition ebooks with exciting digital extras.

After seeing so many amazing independent & self-published books being ignored despite their quality, I decided to highlight them in my own e-bookshop. I believe authors should be paid equitably for their work, so I strive to charge reasonable prices, avoid deep discounts, push back against devaluing ebooks, and pay 80% of the list price to authors.

No ill-informed meretricious bullshit

Scarlet Ferret's ebooks are a little different than the average best-seller, so expect a range of genres and styles. We stock sci-fi and fantasy, horror and steampunk, historical fiction, crime, and much more. The authors are international and so is the bookshop - ebooks are available to buy from anywhere!

Each Special Edition ebook:

Authors get 80% of what you pay for each book, because they're the ones doing the hard work. We sometimes also co-publish ebooks to help authors make the most of the format.

Discover books and authors you haven't met before, and learn more about my mission.

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Happy Reading,

Kevin Beynon
Creator of Libreture and The Epubizer