Dr. Jeana Jorgensen

Jeana Jorgensen studied folklore at UC Berkeley with Alan Dundes, and went on to earn her MA and PhD in folklore at Indiana University. She has since taught at UC Berkeley, Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis, and Butler University, as well as delivering guest lectures at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Tartu (Estonia), the Central University of Jharkhand (India), and multiple other universities (as well as virtual guest lectures at the University of Tampa, Bowling Green State University, and more). Her research and teaching center on general folklore history and theory, gender and sexuality in folklore, and folk narrative genres such as fairy tales and fairy-tale retellings. She also specializes in the history of sex education, feminist and queer theory, body art, and the digital humanities.

With other 25 academic articles and book chapters to her name, she is now focusing on bringing more scholarly writing to the general public, firmly believing that scholarship can and should be both accessible and fun.


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Folklore 101

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This fun, accessible guide to the academic study of folklore packs in a college class's worth of material, from basic concepts and major folklore genres to special topics based on identity, fancy theories, and more.

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