When Justice Analyst, Haz Edmundson, discovers the body of an activist who has crashed through a warehouse roof cocooned in a wingsuit, her head shattered by a mysterious mid-air impact, he's convinced it's murder. But who, and why?


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A near-future science fiction thriller.

Police Analyst Haz Edmundson arrives at a crime scene in the abandoned warehouses of the megacity now covering West Yorkshire. Riots are rolling across the city as the police engage in street warfare against protestors. Haz discovers the dead body of an activist who has crashed through the factory roof and cocooned in a wingsuit used in a daredevil sport, her head shattered by a mysterious mid-air impact.

The case is immediately swept aside and labelled an 'accidental death.' However, Haz knows there's more to the case than the higher-ups are letting on, someone is working hard to bury a murder, and the more Haz investigates the more dangerous the trail becomes.

Set in a near-future Britain where technology has disguised the landscape with utopian megacities, and a population under heavy surveillance, entertain themselves with purchased memories, while robotic drones pervade both life and liberty.

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Special Edition Extras

A cyberpunk murder mystery thriller deserves some cool digital extras, right?

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Exclusive Cover

  • The WesterIsle Game
    Written exclusively for the Scarlet Ferret Special Edition, this short story by Dylan Byford is set in the near-future, cyberpunk world of Airedale. Only available at Scarlet Ferret, you'll find the short story at the end of the main book.
  • Character Profiles
    A stylishly designed pair of Official Record character profiles, detailing both Hasim 'Haz' Edmundson and Carrie Tarmell from the novel.

Character Profiles

Why you'll love Airedale

Airedale has a lot of specials. Character development is [chef’s kiss] – as someone who spent a LOT of time in the Airedale region, I can tell you it is full of real people with all the smooth or desperate idiosyncrasies that seem to come with their roles. There’s a familiarity in the characters, almost a comforting reality to them.


Airedale is a cyberpunk police procedural featuring politics, subversion, riots and local businessmen. It’s full of wonderful details of integrated technology and state surveillance, what’s changed and what hasn’t. ... If you like William Gibson but have always wished someone would write in a similar vein but with uncool characters in small town Yorkshire (it can’t just be me), you are definitely onto a winner here.

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News about Airedale

A uniquely West Yorkshire cyberpunk thriller with stark and realistic social predictions.

West Yorkshire’s megacity is a dark sprawling mess of technology and humanity. A dead flyer instigates a Justice investigation. Was it murder? Haz Edmundson, Justice Analyst, thinks so. Can he prove it?

Dylan Byford

Dylan Byford was born in Yorkshire and raised in Northumberland. He has travelled all over the world but now lives in the foot of the Yorkshire Dales with his family.

A prolific playwright in his early writing career, Dylan has since turned to science fiction. Airedale is his first cyberpunk novel, a crime thriller set a near-future northern England, riven with corruption, social unrest and urban decay.

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