Becoming Crone


Divorced, menopausal grandmothers with creaky hips and hot flashes don't just randomly discover they're next in a long line of powerful women protecting the world from the dark magick of Mages.

Book 1 of 2 in the Crone Wars series

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For Claire Emerson, there is nothing ordinary about turning sixty.

First, there are the crows. Then, a pendant that unlocks a gate to a house in the woods--which comes with a snarky gargoyle, an entirely too-sexy wolf shifter claiming to be Claire's protector, and a legacy that turns her reality upside down.

Claire's first instinct is to turn tail and run back to the safety of baking cookies and reading bedtime stories. But when it becomes clear the Mages have targeted her, she may have no choice but to accept her calling. There's just one problem: she never got the lifetime of training she was supposed to have, and her magick is... well, unreliable would be an understatement.

With the Mages threatening everything she loves, can Claire learn what she needs to in time to become Crone? Or will she be the one to lose an ancient war—and her life?

Why you'll love Becoming Crone

Fans of urban fantasy looking for a protagonist who is a little more... mature, will love Becoming Crone. Claire has seen it all, or so she thinks. Her world-weariness, her highly-developed lack of trust, and her not-unexpected ability to expect things to go wrong make her the perfect character to introduce us to a world of witches, gargoyles, werewolves, and witches, plenty of witches.


I particularly enjoyed Claire's journey and growth. At the start of the story, she's finding herself again, starting a new life, pushing the limits of her comfort zone. From learning how to swear to giving no f***s to learning how to use magic, Claire rises, and sometimes stumbles, as she navigates the new world she's in.


To a new series that understands a middle age woman can be both worn out a little but still powerful enough to protect her family and learn new strengths.

Cally Walker

I have never felt invested in a story till now. Finally I can relate to the main character, so will other women of this age. Many realizations of life, beneath the tale. I found wisdom. Magick ,the Craft and women , fighting evil, let the Adventure begin! I am happy this author is tapping into a large readership who has been placed in the shadows of storytelling!

Debi Livsey

This is a fabulous change from all those books with the tweenage hero or gorgeously fit heroine. A woman who has lived, loved, been hurt and survived. Who struggles against that little voice of caution that we all have holding us back.

Debbie Chambers

The Crone Wars series

Cover of Becoming Crone

Becoming Crone


Book 1 of 2

Divorced, menopausal grandmothers with creaky hips and hot flashes don't just randomly discover they're next in a long line of powerful women protecting the world from the dark magick of Mages.

Photo of Lydia M Hawke

Lydia M Hawke

Lydia M. Hawke is a writer possessed of both a light side and a dark one. On the dark side, she’s the author of the Grigori Legacy, an apocalyptic urban fantasy series featuring a hard-as-nails cop caught up in the war between Heaven and Hell.

In her lighter moments, she writes romances (contemporary and suspense) as Linda Poitevin. And when she’s not plotting the world’s downfall or next great love story, she’s a wife, mom, friend, coffee snob, gardener, walker of a Giant Dog, keeper of many pets, and an avid food preserver (you know, just in case that whole Zombie Apocalypse thing really happens).

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