Fermi's Progress: Descartesmageddon


The Fermi is the Earth's first and last faster-than-light spaceship. The last, because it turns out its engine vaporises entire star systems in its wake. And nobody knows how to turn it off.

Book 2 of 4 in the Fermi's Progress series


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The Fermi's faster-than-light engines have destroyed the Earth, and an alien Dyson sphere, and its crew still have no idea how to switch it off. What's worse, as they reach a planet of sentient fungus, their supplies are already running low.

But this world has its own problems. People have been losing their souls, with the survivors huddling together in abandoned shopping malls as society falls apart. And when the Fermi's crew arrive they will discover something that will challenge their very idea of what it is to be human.


"Simultaneously a tribute to the classic TV SF 'planet of the week' format and a very literal demolition job of the same - and so smart that it's never afraid to be silly. Brilliant stuff."

- Nate Crowley, author of Notes from Small Planets

"Clever and strange, genre-bending and darkly funny, it’ll take you on a ride between myriad times and places, Fermi’s Paradox observed through the lens of interstellar call-centres like it was the grim spawn of The Dark Forest and Hitchhiker’s Guide, or the fleshy junction of Alien, Embassytown, and Office Space."

- Andrew Skinner, author of Steel Frame

"Fermi's Progress is fresh, fun SF with a dark conceit, dangerous thought experiments, thrilling action adventures, and lots of wit and warmth."

- Ken MacLeod

The Fermi's Progress series

The Fermi is Earth’s first faster-than-light capable spaceship. It’s also its last. The moment its engines engage, it unleashes a shockwave that vaporises entire planets, entire solar systems.

Cover of Fermi's Progress: Dyson's Fear

Fermi's Progress: Dyson's Fear

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Cover of Fermi's Progress: Descartesmageddon

Fermi's Progress: Descartesmageddon

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Cover of Fermi's Progress

Fermi's Progress

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Descartesmageddon is nigh! Next week! On the 15th of April, to be precise... PREPARE!

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I was hatched from a vat in 2002 when I immediately went to study English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. On graduating in 2005 I received my first book deal for the YA science fiction novel, Mark II.

I’ve written for the National Science Museum, Wired magazine, Warner Bros Studios, Den of Geek and many, many other places. I’ve also given talks and run writing workshops for schools, adult education and fan conventions, including Nine Worlds 2015 where I somehow persuaded a room of 50 people to write an entire novella within an hour and 15 minutes.

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Cover of Fermi's Progress: Dyson's Fear

Fermi's Progress: Dyson's Fear

by £2.99
Cover of Fermi's Progress

Fermi's Progress

by Season Pass £8.99

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