In the near-future US the struggle for survival pushes citizens to breaking point as relationships fracture along lines of class and race.

Book 1 of 2 in the Revolution series


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The future struggle for Black emancipation.

People are starving. Biogenetic adaptations are prevalent amongst the privileged—and the poor are being ground to a sharp and dangerous point.

These are stories of the leaders and the followers, the victims, heroes, and the everyday people caught in history's wake, chief among them Dr. Ezekiel Carter, a genius in his field who decides to offer genetic reparations to those being left behind.

In this world, what will become of the people at the fringes and more than that of humanity itself?

Honoured at the Carl Brandon Awards 2011.


The Measure of a Man

A reading from R/evolution.

How the Carters Got Their Name

A reading from R/evolution.

Why you'll love R/evolution

Thoughtful, precisely written, well-designed and powerful, Johnson's R/evolution is a book filled with likeable, admirable, 3-D characters (as well as some unpleasant ones). It's about the future struggle for Black emancipation, but while it plainly acknowledges the basic right of that desire, it draws attention to the flaws of extreme thinking, the quandaries that must be considered or else the cause be willfully misunderstood (and even when they are considered, it still is), and underscores how easily equality is ripped away from-or never even truly within the grasp-of those who have always been systematically and systemically oppressed. It's about classism and racism, systemised and individual. I loved it and I'm hungry for the next part, Evolution. If you want books that are truly meaningful, this one's for you.


Thoughtful, precisely written, well-designed and powerful, Johnson's R/evolution is an epic in a nutshell, a Tardis in a book.

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The scope of this series of interconnected tales is nothing short of epic. A stylishly presented larger tale covering the state of the USA as it turns upon a near-future of decreasing resources and heavy social unrest. Thematically, this is not a frivolous book; it is politically driven with strong views on racial and social discrimination…

Future Fire

A novel about a future USA destroyed by brutal anti-Black racism, wealth inequality, lack of healthcare and climate change. So, barely SF at all, really.

K.J. Charles

This is a novella/ a series of interconnected stories about the war for reperations, race and class, and the role biogenetics could play in this. It's fantastic writing, super imaginative and has excellent pacing (it's like a page turner), too. Highly recommend!


R/evolution is a novella that takes different short sections on different characters to present a dystopic view of the future, where America has been subsumed by race and class problems and genetic engineering is the norm.

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The Revolution series

Tenea D. Johnson's science fiction series, exploring race, reparations, and technology in a near-future US.

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News about R/evolution

Looking for a book that's truly meaningful? R/evolution explores race, reparations, and technology in a near-future US science fiction opus.

About Tenea D. Johnson

Tenea was born in Kentucky. She took with her, the calm of the Ohio River and the swell of honesty (sometimes refreshing, sometimes catastrophic) that afflicts the folks born along its banks. Adoring of ideas, she graduated from the New College of Florida (enrol there now and thank her later) and NYU's Gallatin School, as well as attending Clarion. Writing sustains her; music saves her. As often as possible, she straddles their borders to create compositions/fusions/hyphenated watchamacallit better heard than described.

So far the Knitting Factory, Dixon Place, The Public Theater, and others have opened their doors to the form.

Her work has appeared in Mothership: Tales of Afrofuturism, African Voices, Arise, Humanities in the South, Infinite Matrix, Contemporary American Women Poets, Shades of Blue and Gray, Whispers in the Night: Dark Dreams III and Necrologue, among others. She is the author of a poetry/short prose collection, Starting Friction as well as the novels, Smoketown and R/evolution. Smoketown won the 2011 Carl Brandon Parallax Award; R/evolution also received an honorable mention.

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