Silver Moon


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Becca Thornton, divorced, middle-aged and trying to embrace her quiet existence, discovers that life still holds plenty of surprises when her menopause comes with bonus lycanthropy.


Book 1 of 2 in the Wolves of Wolf's Point series


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The Series Starter Collection

Nothing's the same after the menopause...

Becca's not the only woman to 'change'. The dull and seemingly peaceful town of Wolf’s Point has its own all-female werewolf pack and Becca is about to become its newest member.

But it’s not all midnight meetings at the Women’s Club, monthly runs through the woods and keeping the town safe. Becca’s cute lesbian neighbour, Erin, is starting to haunt her dreams as well as her doorstep. And there are werewolf hunters in town and they’ve got Becca and the Wolf’s Point Pack in their sights.

What’s a newbie werewolf to do, between the hot flashes and the unexpected physical transformations? Can Becca overcome her fears and help the werewolves defeat their greatest enemy?

Why you'll love Silver Moon

What a fun read! Menopausal werewolves, a town to protect, and a love to be found.

Becca didn't think the change was THAT literal. But that's what you get in Wolf's Point, I suppose. The name must come from somewhere...

A great concept, and lovely, warm, fast-paced writing.

Can't wait for Book 2!


Deft humor, hints of romance, and well-constructed suspense leaven the occasional sturdy earnestness, while the rejection of toned hotties as the embodiment of supernatural power in favor of women whose lives have prepared them with the wisdom for their new role is refreshing.

Publishers Weekly

C'mon, this can't be the last we've seen of Becca and the wolf-women of Wolf's Point…. I swear I can hear howling in the distance.

Her Tangh-i-Ness Presents...

Silver Moon is a slow-burn clean and sweet romance. There are no u-hauls in sight (laugh). Sometimes the wait can be delicious and Lundoff makes the waiting kind of hot.

Phoebes Randoms

I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s a little like a werewolves story for readers who don’t usually read werewolves stories. It’s much more about changes, all sorts of changes, than about werewolves themselves, even though it’s also very much about werewolves. There’s a thriller feel to it at times that, despite the uneven pace, took my breath away but my favourite thing was the flashes of humour breaking the tension before it got too much. That and Erin’s slow cowboy smile. It’s sexy as hell, I swear.

Jude in the Stars

I loved the braiding of all the various plot strands: dramatic and humorous, romantic and dangerous. This is a very different sort of werewolf story–not the usual “sexy shapeshifter soulmates” tropes that lean heavily on the erotics of dominance and submission. Just a complex personal story of a woman going through Changes.

The Lesbian Review

The Wolves of Wolf's Point series

The Wolf’s Point werewolf pack, born from the magic that calls small groups of middle-aged women to embrace their inner and outer wolves, has been protecting the town for generations.

Cover of Silver Moon

Silver Moon


Book 1 of 2

Becca Thornton, divorced, middle-aged and trying to embrace her quiet existence, discovers that life still holds plenty of surprises when her menopause comes with bonus lycanthropy.

Photo of Catherine Lundoff

Catherine Lundoff

Catherine Lundoff is a transplanted Brooklynite who lives in scenic Minnesota with her wife, a very talented bookbinder and artist, and the two cats who own them. In former lives, she was an archaeologist and a bookstore owner, though not at the same time. These days, she does arcane things with computer software at large companies and hangs out at science fiction conventions and book festivals. She is also the publisher at Queen of Swords Press.

Her recent works include short stories in such venue as Fireside Magazine, American Monsters Part 2, The LHMP Podcast, The Cainite Conspiracies: A Vampire the Masquerade V20 Anthology, World of Darkness: Ghosthunters, The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Professor Moriarty and Respectable Horror. She has also had essays and articles published in such venues as Nightmare Magazine: Queers Destroy Horror, My Wandering Uterus: Tales of Traveling While Female, Queer Voices: Poetry, Prose and Pride, the SFWA Blog and SF Signal. Her books include Blood Moon, Silver Moon, Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories, A Day at the Inn, a Night at the Palace and Other Stories, Unfinished Business: Tales of the Dark Fantastic and the Goldie Award-winning collections Crave and Night’s Kiss. She has also edited or co-edited three anthologies: Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space), Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic (with JoSelle Vanderhooft) and the Spectrum Award-winning anthology Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories.

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