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Cover of Arachne


by £4.99

A must read 90s cyberpunk classic.
An ambitious young mediator must confront a terrifying presence haunting her telelink, as a deadly Artificial Intelligence schemes to steal human souls.

Cover of Evolution


by £4.99

Exciting sequel to the near-future US epic.
Over a century after being gifted with exceptional genetic adaptations, William Woods still walks the earth, as strong and physically healthy as the day he was born. The country, however, is not so fortunate.

Cover of R/evolution


by £3.99

The future struggle for Black emancipation.
In the near-future US the struggle for survival pushes citizens to breaking point as relationships fracture along lines of class and race.

Cover of The Devil's Revolver

The Devil's Revolver

by £4.99

Weird West young adult action adventure.
She is Hettie Alabama — unlikely, scarred, single-minded, and blood bound to a revolver inhabited by a demon!

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