The Witches of Greasy Creek


In an attempt to start her life over, Kate Lawson stumbles into a world of ghosts, a missing girl, and an unsolved murder.

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Welcome to the Southern traditions of backwoods witchcraft

Ruby is a Witch. She is also Kate Lawson's grandmother.

Though Ruby descends from a long line of witches, she has never spoken of it openly, especially to Kate. Kate, fleeing a cheating fiance, returns to her beloved grandmother's mountain farm at Greasy Creek. In an attempt to start her life over, she stumbles into a world of ghosts, a missing girl, and an unsolved murder.

Kate needs to persuade her grandmother to admit to, and teach her Appalachian Granny Magic, and the secrets of the Green Witch Grimoire to right a terrible wrong and identify a killer.

This edge of your seat paranormal thriller will have you delving into spells, family mysteries, and murder.

Why you'll love The Witches of Greasy Creek

A brilliant story and introduction to Appalachian communities.

Kate is an unlikely, but enthusiastic protagonist who has had enough of being messed about, and is out to learn from her grandmother, a witch.

Lots of fun, while really tense and exciting. Another occult thriller with heart that you just won't want to put down!


There are some surprises in store. I liked the characters, I liked that you still wondered about the "why", I liked that it wasn't necessarily wrapped up nicely in a pretty bow at the end. You find yourself wanting to find out what happens next, does Kate land on her feet? Does she stay in her small town? Does she make peace with Napoleon? (unlikely!). We need a second in this series, Ms. Dorsey! Don't leave us hanging!

Melina E.

Photo of Susan Dorsey

Susan Dorsey

As well as her paranormal fiction, Susan Dorsey is also the author of the Jane Brooks mystery series.

She lives in East Tennessee with her husband and two children and is hard at work on her next novel.

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