The Cyberpunk Collection

Not your usual net jockeys... Cyberpunk depends a lot on the author writing it. Some ideas of futuristic dystopias already exist for many parts of society.

In his article over at Unwinnable, writer and artist Yussef Cole asks what he calls Hood Cyberpunk could look like:

Gibson famously describes the future as “not evenly distributed,” while at the same time spending the majority of his time writing about the least even aspects of it. What might the genre look like, were it to shift its attention to people who are today experiencing the kinds of authoritarian intrusion, the hyper-policing, the corporate dominance that make up the settings of future dystopias dreamed up by well-off white people?

At Scarlet Ferret we look for books that have something to say - that answer questions. Our Cyberpunk Collection includes a classic 90's cyberpunk tale that breaks the tropes, a contemporary Yorkshire-set take on the genre, and an afrofuturism, cyberpunk duology epic, set in the near-future US.

Time to jack in!


by Dylan Byford

When Justice Analyst, Haz Edmundson, discovers the body of an activist who has crashed through a warehouse roof cocooned in a wingsuit, he's convinced it's murder. But who, and why?

Why you'll love Airedale

Airedale has a lot of specials. Character development is [chef’s kiss] – as someone who spent a LOT of time in the Airedale region, I can tell you it is full of real people with all the smooth or desperate idiosyncrasies that seem to come with their roles. There’s a familiarity in the characters, almost a comforting reality to them.


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by Lisa Mason

An ambitious young mediator must confront a terrifying presence haunting her telelink, as a deadly Artificial Intelligence schemes to steal human souls.

Why you'll love Arachne

Arachne is an unique entry in the cyberpunk genre. It steps between the dystopia of William Gibson and the otherworldliness of Phillip K. Dick.

Full of 'almost' body-horror, corporations so mega that they transact court cases in nanoseconds, and AI characters with more spiritualism in their circuits than the humans that inhabit this post Big-One San Francisco.

A must-read for cyberpunk fans!


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by Tenea D. Johnson

Over a century after being gifted with exceptional genetic adaptations, William Woods still walks the earth, as strong and physically healthy as the day he was born. The country, however, is not so fortunate.

Why you'll love Evolution

This is a book that speaks of all the possible outcomes of the long-term fight between the haves and have-nots. In a world of undeniable climate disaster, unspeakable politics and disaster capitalism, where money and wealth and the occasional remarkable person are all that make things happen on a significant scale, Evolution is a book that cries out to be read. Despite the aforementioned hope, Johnson pulls no punches and provides no fluff. She's all about adaptation and a preparedness to see things through to the bitter result of all that has gone before.

If you've got an interest in the human condition, an anarchist's desire to change the system, or if you just want to read a story that takes society's current nightmares and places them forefront in the imagination, this one's for you.


Author/Publisher Receives £3.99


by Tenea D. Johnson

In the near-future US the struggle for survival pushes citizens to breaking point as relationships fracture along lines of class and race.

Why you'll love R/evolution

Thoughtful, precisely written, well-designed and powerful, Johnson's R/evolution is a book filled with likeable, admirable, 3-D characters (as well as some unpleasant ones). It's about the future struggle for Black emancipation, but while it plainly acknowledges the basic right of that desire, it draws attention to the flaws of extreme thinking, the quandaries that must be considered or else the cause be willfully misunderstood (and even when they are considered, it still is), and underscores how easily equality is ripped away from-or never even truly within the grasp-of those who have always been systematically and systemically oppressed. It's about classism and racism, systemised and individual. I loved it and I'm hungry for the next part, Evolution. If you want books that are truly meaningful, this one's for you.


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