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Information for authors and publishers selling with Scarlet Ferret.

The Basics

"Scarlet Ferret is a wonderful curated ebookshop with thoughtful and supportive owners. I highly recommend indie authors apply."

Victoria Corva, author of Books and Bone

Book Extras

Extras are optional digital files distributed with a purchased ebook.

They add extra value to a book that can be reflected in a higher sale price. They can attract new readers, and provide special material for existing fans. Book Extras are equivalent to the Special Features on a Collector's Edition DVD.

Extras can include a variety of material, as long as it is in a digital format:

Existing fans who already own a book may consider buying a new Scarlet Ferret copy if it means they can access special or even exclusive material they will enjoy.

Extras are optional, but authors are strongly encouraged to consider including them.


ISBNs are not required at Scarlet Ferret, but can help in the wider discovery of your book.

Unfortunately, ISBNs are extremely expensive for authors or small publishers to purchase themselves - and they get more expensive the fewer you need. (Except in Canada, where they're free as a Government service.)

If you already have an ISBN for a self-published edition of your ebook (not one from Smashwords, Draft2Digital, etc. where the distributors are listed as the publisher) then we are already good to go. But for those without an ISBN, we have a solution:

To help ensure books are discovered and listed as widely as possible, Scarlet Ferret will sell authors who stock books with Scarlet Ferret their own ISBNs at cost price.

The only caveat is that Scarlet Ferret must become a co-publisher of the work, by being listed as such in the book's front matter. We buy ISBNs from the UK's ISBN agency as book publishers, so we cannot sell you an ISBN for your exclusive self-publishing use. But we believe that co-publishing means you gain the benefits of an ISBN without the ridiculous cost, and Scarlet Ferret are compliant with ISBN guidelines.

Currently, an ISBN for a book on sale through Scarlet Ferret costs £16.00.


Transparency is essential to the trust authors place in Scarlet Ferret when agreeing to sell their ebooks with us. There are far too many stories of small publishers and bookshops hiding or obfuscating sales data to withhold money from authors.

Authors receive an e-mail each month where they've had sales, detailing:

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