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March 2023

Featuring short stories, essays, reviews, columns, and much more in this new Special Edition issue.


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Launching 1 March 2023

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The Special Edition issue of the long-running science fiction magazine.

Welcome to Scarlet Ferret's Special Edition issue of Interzone magazine. I'm proud to stock the newest digital iteration of this flagship publication.

Here's what you can look forward to in Interzone 295!


Plague Dream

Short story by Seán Padraic Birnie

Heatwave languour in the century of plagues. It has been nine weeks, Maria thought, with sudden grief, since I last touched anyone, was last touched by anyone.


Short story by Amal Singh

After a tragedy, a mother finds ways to reconnect with her daughter. But the daughter is aloof, and wants to paint spiders.

We Are A Little Hotel

Short story by Ai Jiang

At UM Hotel, we provide the best service, ranging from emotional and physical support, unconditional love and care, domestic upkeeping, and self-sacrifice.

Anomalous Instances of Black Ball Lightning in Daggett, Michigan

Short story by Stephanie Lane Gage

Observations of the luminous phenomenon known as “black ball lightning” are typically rare. However, in the peculiar case of Daggett (a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) the overwhelming occurrence of such anomalies between the years of 1987 and 1989 begs further research.

Hollywood Animals

Short story by Corey J. White

When animators unionized, Hollywood found a new way to make monsters and aliens. Scott trains the genetically-engineered animals for film until realising the studio thinks him as expendable as his animals.

Glory Hounds

Short story by H. Pueyo

Magic disappeared from the land, forcing people to conform into quieter lives, but two men embark on a reckless journey to get their power back and save their animal companion.


Short story by J. Dianne Dotson

Keel Wiltshire isn’t dreaming: her house-bot, Copper, is undergoing a strange and unexpected transformation.

The Lunar Asylum

Short story by Frank Dumas

On 16 July, 1869, we break the surly bonds of Earth and go where no one has gone before.

Notes From the Meeting of the First State Feder World Court: Walker Dairy, Freeville, Ny, 198 Year One: Jessica Jane Pearson Vs. The Stranger Mr. Jacob Hampton

Short story by Rachael Cupp

After an unimaginable disaster, an isolated group of child survivors struggle to determine what justice should mean in their newly changed world.

Building Blocks

Short story by Aigner Loren Wilson

Homes on the moon and magical construction workers, self-identity and finding a place in a new land.

Strung Along in Seaforth

Short story by Jonathan Laidlow

"Tobias dressed the shop dummy in the skin of his late father and then carefully pinched and pulled until it was smooth and tight."


Gautam Bhatia

In conversation with Agnes Gomillion


Climbing Stories

Essay by Aliya Whiteley

Mutant Popcorn

Essay by Nick Lowe

Ansible Link

Column by David Langford

Folded Spaces

Essay by Val Nolan

Zelazny, from A to Z

Essay by Alexander Glass

Special Edition Extras

Included with this Special Edition issue from Scarlet Ferret:

IZ Digital Bonus Content

As well as the magazine issue and bonus content, Special Edition readers also get FREE access to the Interzone Digital Member Area, for exclusive stories and essays.


Launched in 1982, Interzone is the eighth-longest-running English language science fiction magazine in history. Stories published in Interzone have been finalists for the Hugo Awards and have won a Nebula Award and numerous Science Fiction Awards.

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