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June 2023

Featuring short stories, essays, reviews, columns, and much more in this new Special Edition issue.


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Launching 15 June 2023

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The Special Edition issue of the long-running science fiction magazine.

Welcome to Scarlet Ferret's Special Edition issue of Interzone magazine. I'm proud to stock the newest digital iteration of this flagship publication.

Here's what you can look forward to in Interzone 296!


You Can’t Repeat the Past

by Tom Gammarino


by Alexander Glass

We Are Only Ourselves 

by Alex Penland

With the Blade as Witness

by Sloane Leong

Our Lady of the Void 

by Hesper Leveret

Another Country 

by Rachael Cupp

The November Room or Leaving the Labyrinth

by Teika Marija Smits


Climbing Stories

Essay by Aliya Whiteley

Mutant Popcorn 

Essay by Nick Lowe

Ansible Link

Column by David Langford

Folded Spaces

Essay by Val Nolan

Zelazny, from A to Z

Essay by Alexander Glass

Special Edition Extras

Included with this Special Edition issue from Scarlet Ferret:

Digital Extras Pack

Interzone Digital

Special Edition readers get FREE access to exclusive password-locked Interzone Digital stories and essays.

Discord Server

Special Edition readers also receive access to the Interzone Discord, for updates and news direct from the Interzone team, and the community of Interzone fans.


Launched in 1982, Interzone is the eighth-longest-running English language science fiction magazine in history. Stories published in Interzone have been finalists for the Hugo Awards and have won a Nebula Award and numerous Science Fiction Awards.

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