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Welcome our massive new historical fantasy series, Empire's Legacy!

Marian L. Thorpe's epic 7-book award-winning historical fantasy comes to Scarlet Ferret, with stunning extras and a huge Season Pass saving!

Interzone comes to Scarlet Ferret!

In what can only be described as a coup for Scarlet Ferret, Interzone magazine is bringing its own Special Edition science fiction to our independent bookshop.


Enjoy Fermi's Progress in a new Omnibus Edition

Reduce time between jumps with the new addition to the Fermi's Progress Season Pass by Chris Farnell - the complete ebook edition of all four novellas.


Folklore Students Travel in West Virginia to Preserve Stories, Tradition

Retelling and saving all kinds of different folklore matters. Even though many conversations focused on stories of the past, these types of stories can teach people important lessons for the future.


The West Virginian Keeping Appalachian History Alive Through Storytelling

In Appalachia, storytelling and folklore has served as an important tool and perpetual reminder of who and what makes up the region's history.


If we Promised Them Aught, Let us Keep Our Promise

In 1284, Hamburg was ravaged by fire. Was it an accident? Or one man's revenge?


Welcome to the Crone Wars!

How many witches is too much? Find out in Lydia M. Hawke's fantastic 4-part Crone Wars series, with our Special Edition ebooks.


An accessible introduction to folklore studies

When's the last time you got to pick a folklorist's brain? Did you know memes count as folklore? Or that folklorists assign numbers to fairy tales to keep track of them all? Folklore 101 by Dr. Jeana Jorgensen has all the answers.


The stunning new 11th Century historical fiction novel that will keep you guessing

Eight years after the fateful Battle of Hastings. Lord Henry De Bois is determined to find the secret community of Robert, an Anglo-Saxon thane, in this gripping historical fiction with an astonishing twist!

Have a witchy Halloween with a pair of magical new Special Edition ebooks

Say hello to our new witches. Both are new to the craft, but they’re also at very different stages of their lives, and have very different reactions to their new roles.


Interview with horror author B.P. Gregory

The Terror Teller of Australia elucidates us on the ideas, inspirations and horrific facts of her post-apocalyptic novella, Flora & Jim... and albino penguins!


Why I love In the Sweep of the Bay by Cath Barton

Ordinary people in a changing world, anchored by loyalty, pride and the inevitability of their place in society.


Fenland mystery and reality shifts

A teenager, recovering from a massive epileptic seizure, attempts to unravel the disappearance of his twin sister, while fact, legend, memory and epilepsy tamper with his reality. With descriptions so vivid you can taste the sulphurous air.


Pre-order Fermi's Progress: The Phone Job today!

The fourth and final novella in the sci-fi satire homage series, Fermi's Progress by Chris Farnell, is available to pre-order now.


Book Review: Airedale by Dylan Byford

A uniquely West Yorkshire cyberpunk thriller with stark and realistic social predictions.


When West Yorkshire does cyberpunk, it knocks it out of the sky

West Yorkshire’s megacity is a dark sprawling mess of technology and humanity. A dead flyer instigates a Justice investigation. Was it murder? Haz Edmundson, Justice Analyst, thinks so. Can he prove it?


Book Review: The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson by Helen Kitson

The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson by Helen Kitson is a post-modern tale of friendship and fate, where the truth is only a simulacrum of itself. It's probably literary, but it's far more accessible than that suggests.


The truth and the past, and how they shape your future.

When an attractive, mysterious and manipulative young man charms his way into Gabrielle’s deliberately innocuous life, she is forced to examine some of her greatest regrets. True to her character, she does so by omitting some.


Book Review: Flora and Jim, by BP Gregory

When earth has frozen over, what will you do to save mankind? Admit that it’s too late and bow out gracefully? Or battle on, dragging your child through hell, no end in sight?


Book Review: Evolution by Tenea D. Johnson

Evolution by Tenea D. Johnson provides dull pain as humans destroy themselves over and over, the same modern pressures we already know, ramped up to the extreme.


Book Review: A Duet for Invisible Strings by Llinos Cathryn Thomas

A tale of sweet, unrequited love, embittered by the possibility of devastating loss, set to music.


Enjoy a love story set to music

A Duet for Invisible Strings is a romance novella filled with music, mystery, and love, with a paranormal twist.


Book Review: Books and Bone by Victoria Corva

Necromancers, healing, therianthropy and antiquarian magical libraries ... what more could a fantasy reader want?


Book Review: R/evolution by Tenea D. Johnson

Thoughtful, precisely written, well-designed and powerful, Johnson’s R/evolution is an epic in a nutshell, a Tardis in a book.


Book Review: The Town by B.P. Gregory

An Australian horror tale filled with suspense, flawed heroes, bizzarro situations and terrified bravery. And it's funny with it.


New from B.P. Gregory: Flora & Jim and Outermen

Two new special edition ebooks. Two new horror tales from the fantastic Australian author of The Town.



Descartesmageddon is nigh! Next week! On the 15th of April, to be precise... PREPARE!


Join the Fermi's crew on a voyage of discov… DESTRUCTION!

The Fermi is Earth's first faster-than-light capable spaceship. It's also its last! Explore the universe in Chris Farnell's satirical sci-fi adventure series, before it's all destroyed!


Magical new extras for Sakina Murdock's occult thriller

The extras for Sakina Murdock's heart-pounding book, A Bagful of Dragon, have arrived. Level-up your magical protection!


AJ Fitzwater's journey, a new extra

There's a new addition to Cinrak's crew. Author AJ Fitzwater has penned a new extra, a very personal essay, describing their journey.


The Dragon Sisters Rise!

The Complete Dragon Sisters omnibus edition joins Scarlet Ferret, with extras galore.


Cover Reveal! Unveiling The Complete Dragon Sisters Edition

Get your first glimpse of the gorgeous new cover for The Complete Dragon Sisters edition by Joyce Chng.


Ride into the Weird West with a cursed gun!

Scarlet Ferret is honoured to present our latest addition. Saddle up for the exciting Weird West action-adventure young adult novel, The Devil’s Revolver by V.S. McGrath.


Set sail with Cinrak!

Don your favourite dapper waistcoat! Gather your Chinchilla ship’s mate and Kraken companion! Weigh anchor! And set sail for… Beard Island…?


Pre-Order Pearl of the Palace today!

Fans of Joyce Chng's Qing China fantasy novel, Dragon Sisters, are in for a treat.


Loss, vengeance, and grief in Sinful Folk's Dark Ages Britain

Our new book recounts a devastating tale of historical fiction, written by Ned Hayes and illustrated by Nikki McClure.


The Sun Dragon rises

Joyce Chng's latest fantasy novella hits our shelves along with some tasty extras.


Read the first three chapters of the Pearl of the Palace

First look at the exciting extract from the Qing China fantasy sequel to Dragon Sisters by Joyce Chng.

Treat your friends to a Scarlet Ferret Gift Card

Buy a Gift Card for someone who loves books outside the mainstream - or keep it for yourself!


Buy the Revolution Bundle and save!

Evolution, the exciting sequel to R/evolution, by Tenea D. Johnson, is available to buy now from Scarlet Ferret - along with a special offer.


Get more with this cyberpunk classic

You get exciting new extras when you buy the cyberpunk classic, Arachne by Lisa Mason. Download yours today!


Tenea D. Johnson writes US Afrofuturism at its finest

Looking for a book that's truly meaningful? R/evolution explores race, reparations, and technology in a near-future US science fiction opus.

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