An accessible introduction to folklore studies

When's the last time you got to pick a folklorist's brain? Did you know memes count as folklore? Or that folklorists assign numbers to fairy tales to keep track of them all? Folklore 101 by Dr. Jeana Jorgensen has all the answers.

Folklore 101 first launched on Halloween in 2021, and it's one of the most accessible non-fiction books I've read. Written by Dr. Jeana Jorgensen, not only are the topics of folklore and folklore studies opened up to us through modern examples, and clear relationships to our lived lives, but Dr. Jorgensen's writing style is fun, and witty.

Folklore 101 Cover

You get an exciting and easy-to-read introduction to social science, anthropology, and a new way to look at the stories of the world around us. From oral traditions to Biden memes, it's all here. It's college class's worth of material, from basic concepts and major folklore genres to special topics based on identity, fancy theories, and more.

Folklore Studies, really?

The field of folklore studies is over two centuries old, and it's full of amazing insights about human behavior, creativity, and community. Folklore studies is as interdisciplinary as it gets, squished somewhere between anthropology and linguistics and religious studies and comparative literature and more. It's all about the informal human interactions, the million tiny acts and stories and beliefs and arts that function as social glue even if they seem beneath notice. Do traditional holiday foods have a deeper meaning? Yep. Same with folk music, ballads, proverbs, jokes, urban legends, body art, and a ton more genres covered in this book.

"This is the most fun I have ever had reading a textbook. I admit I find folklore fascinating, but this introduction makes it even more interesting. The author's style is very readable, almost conversational. The book includes a ton of examples, stories, and personal anecdotes. There are also a lot of suggestions for further reading. And it covers so many areas of folklore, things I never even thought of, from fairy tales to urban legends to counting rhymes and who wears pink or blue."

Emilie Johnson

Wait until you see the Extras!

Being our first non-fiction title, we really had to go all-out on the Special Edition extras for Folklore 101.

They include:

Folklore 101 Course Syllabus

Have you always wanted to take a folklore class, but didn't want to do the homework or get drunk at all those folklore parties we've heard about? Well, we have the genuine Folklore 101 Course Syllabus for you to work through, filled with reading lists!

Folklore Book Pack

Seven classic folklore ebooks covering superstitions, myths, and fairy tales from all over the world. From Wales, to Cornwall, to Korea, and even an edition of the Journal of American Folklore (often referenced in the book).

...and this beauty:

Great British Folklore and Superstition Map - Discount Code

A special discount code that gives you money off the physical map of British folklore and superstition from the amazing folks at Marvellous Maps.

This Extra really is a bit special.

We've worked with the wonderful folks at Marvellous Maps to provide you with an unique discount off their beautifully-illustrated Great British Folklore and Superstition Map.

In your Extras, you'll receive a special discount code to use at the Marvellous Maps shop, which can be redeemed for a discount off this amazing double-sided map of Britain.

We have our own copy here, and I have to say, it is absolutely chock-full of detail. Take a look at these photos for an idea of the information packed into this map. This really is something special, and the perfect companion to your Special Edition of Folklore 101.

The map features:

  • Britain's Top 50
    Britain’s most mythical locations mapped, along with a legendary road trip that links them all up.
  • Legends & Heroes
    More than 150 swashbuckling stories of sword-swinging heroes, feats of daring and places immortalised in local legend.
  • Strange Beings
    From grouchy giants to (un)friendly fairies and everything in between, track down these mythical creatures in their fabled stomping grounds.
  • Ghostly Goings-On
    A spooky selection of more than 500 haunted spots, all guaranteed to give you goosebumps.
  • Mysteries & Magic
    Over 300 places wreathed in tales of witchcraft, devilry, superstition and ancient mystery.
  • Freaky Festivals & Events
    More than 30 of Britain’s quirkiest and freakiest festivals and events.
  • Epic Expeditions
    From paranormal pub crawls to magical mystery trails, explore supernatural Britain via these epic odysseys.
  • Points of In terest
    An enchanting selection of museums, mystical must-knows and place names that’ll give you the shivers.

Get your discount code with your very own Special Edition ebook of Folklore 101.

Folklore 101

by Dr. Jeana Jorgensen

This fun, accessible guide to the academic study of folklore packs in a college class's worth of material, from basic concepts and major folklore genres to special topics based on identity, fancy theories, and more.


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Dr. Jeana Jorgensen

Jeana Jorgensen studied folklore at UC Berkeley with Alan Dundes, and went on to earn her MA and PhD in folklore at Indiana University. She has since taught at UC Berkeley, Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis, and Butler University, as well as delivering guest lectures at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Tartu (Estonia), the Central University of Jharkhand (India), and multiple other universities (as well as virtual guest lectures at the University of Tampa, Bowling Green State University, and more). Her research and teaching center on general folklore history and theory, gender and sexuality in folklore, and folk narrative genres such as fairy tales and fairy-tale retellings. She also specializes in the history of sex education, feminist and queer theory, body art, and the digital humanities.

With other 25 academic articles and book chapters to her name, she is now focusing on bringing more scholarly writing to the general public, firmly believing that scholarship can and should be both accessible and fun.

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Cover of Folklore 101

Folklore 101

by 5 hours £7.50

This fun, accessible guide to the academic study of folklore packs in a college class's worth of material, from basic concepts and major folklore genres to special topics based on identity, fancy theories, and more.

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