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Thinking of buying e-books from independent online bookshops? Not sure what to do with the files once you've bought them?

The hurdles of buying independent e-books

With the rise of app-based computing, many people are no longer familiar with directly managing digital files. Buying e-books from independent retailers or directly from the publisher usually means handling ePub or Mobi book formats. To readers only familiar with the easy process of buying from Amazon, Kobo or iBooks, this can be one hurdle too many.

A customer needs to understand how to:

  • Select the correct e-book format for their reading device
  • Download the correct file
  • Load the file on to their device
  • If it's a tablet or phone, ensure they actually have some e-book reading software
  • If not, find a suitable piece of software and install it
  • Find the file they downloaded
  • Open it with the reader software

And those are just a few of the steps where things can go horribly wrong.

That's why we built The Epubizer.

A little help

The Epubizer is a simple website that provides solutions to problems someone might face when buying independent e-books for the first time.

The Epubizer

Developed by Scarlet Ferret, it covers, in simple language, how to choose between ePub or Mobi formats. It explains the process of loading e-books on to a reading device, and points visitors to online documentation for the most popular e-readers. It provides links to e-reading software for computers, tablets and phones and introduces the concept of DRM and what impact that might have on choosing e-bookshops.

While not an exhaustive resource just yet, it will expand to include more detailed instructions, more links to useful resources and will signposts to other projects from Scarlet Ferret.

So, if you have an e-book problem, odds against you? Call... The Epubizer