E-Books with Extras

Scarlet Ferret is a new and independent DRM-free bookshop, selling hand-picked titles by selected authors in science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical fantasy, crime and more.

We love to read. And we love to share what we've read with others. Scarlet Ferret is an opportunity for us to do more of both.

Hand-picked titles

Each book on Scarlet Ferret is one we have personally read and enjoyed.

Algorithms aren't everything. Rather than the constantly promoted and safe best-sellers, Scarlet Ferret helps you discover true gems. At Scarlet Ferret you'll know exactly why we've stocked a particular book, why we love it and why we think you will too.

Our books push boundaries because they're truly independent.

They're a little more interesting than your average big hitter, so expect a range of genres—sometimes genre spanning—from sci-fi and fantasy, horror and steampunk, to historical fiction, crime and non-fiction.

Above all, expect to discover books and authors you may not have met before.

The launch line-up

For our launch period, we are selling only books by women.

The publishing industry has a balance problem. As well as the fact that publishers tend to publish more books by men than by women, the trend for reviews, sales promotion and online mentions run consistently around 70% for male authors and 30% for women.

Since 2017 I've only been reading books by women, and am loving it! So, to ensure that you get to discover excellent books and re-aligning the compass, Scarlet Ferret's launch line-up is 100% books by women. And they are amazing books!

We're in this to support authors and ensure they keep writing fantastic books. So, each book sale earns the author 80% of the profit.

Books and extras are always DRM-free, and come in a selection of formats that work on any e-reading device, tablet, phone or computer.

Browse our fantastic launch line-up today!

These extras we keep mentioning

Scarlet Ferret e-books come with additional free content from the author or publisher.

Think of them as the extras you get on special edition DVDs, Blu-Rays or computer games. That additional content about the setting, world-building or the making-of are the cherries on top of a wonderful creative cake.

With each book purchased at Scarlet Ferret, you receive exciting downloadable extras. It could be additional artwork or desktop wallpaper based on the book cover; it could be a recommended playlist to listen along to while reading the book; or even a map of the setting depicted in the story.

We might also have some exclusive content, just for Scarlet Ferret customers: some special author notes, sketches, or even recipes. You never know!

If, like us, you enjoy extra content with your stories, you'll love Scarlet Ferret.

What next?

Scarlet Ferret is open for business with a curated selection of books by women.

Keep up-to-date with progress, receive special offers and find out which authors we'll have on board for launch.

We're really excited about Scarlet Ferret, and can't wait to hear what you think of our amazing books.