Magical new extras for Sakina Murdock's occult thriller

The extras for Sakina Murdock's heart-pounding book, A Bagful of Dragon, have arrived. Level-up your magical protection!

While the author works on the exciting sequel to A Bagful of Dragon, she has also completed the planned extras for the first book in the series.

Full of intense, nail-biting magical sequences and events, A Bagful of Dragon is something a little bit different. Many occult, supernatural and paranormal novels place the reader in a carefully-crafted fantasy world. Not so with this book! A Bagful of Dragon's tagline is: 'Magic is Real... Protect yourself'

Based on real-world magical practices, and firmly embedded in Yorkshire's thriving magic sub-culture, A Bagful of Dragon is also a layperson's guide to magical protection. Living in Leeds, the main character, Inayat, has only dabbled in magic, but now she's being stalked and attacked by a man who seems to be a well-versed practitioner. Inayat needs to up her magical and spiritual game!

With the help of a wonderful and unlikely mentor, research from real magic-related books, and a family-pack of table salt from the local Tesco, Inayat has to learn fast. And the watch-word is always: Protection, protection, protection!

Get your Extras

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Along with your Special Edition ebook of A Bagful of Dragon, the author, Sakina Murdock, has compiled some helpful magical practices into a handy workbook with record sheets to help you keep track. The workbook includes an useful reading list, and we've even included an ebook copy of one of the recommended titles as an extra, Myths and Myth-makers by John Fiske, a public domain book that was first published in 1872.

In total, you receive:

  • Inayat's Not-a-Witch Workbook
    No tools, no fancy clothes, no silly words and definitely no wands. Inayat’s guide to everyday magic on the cheap.
  • Affirmations Record Sheet
    Record your affirmations on this handy printable sheet.
  • Everyday Magic Record Sheet
    Record your everyday magic on this handy printable sheet.
  • Meditation Record Sheet
    Record your meditation on this handy printable sheet.
  • Myths and Myth-makers by John Fiske
    Free copy of John Fiske's study of old tales and superstitions interpreted by comparative mythology. Originally published in 1872.

Start reading this fast-paced occult thriller set in Leeds and soaked in real-world magical practices today.

It's a hell of a ride!

Sakina Murdock

Sakina Murdock lives with her dog, her partner and his two cats in bonny rural Cumbria and tries to stay out of trouble.

She chats with blackbirds, rescues toads from traffic, protects deer from hunters and writes exciting, magical fiction.

Look out for more of her paranormal fantasy books coming soon.

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A Bagful of Dragon


£4.99 Fast-paced contemporary occult thriller. Inayat isn't a witch. She's a not-quite-ordinary twenty-something, screwing up her life one failed date at a time. But when she dumps the wrong magician, Inayat finds herself in a bubbling cauldron of paranoid fear.

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