Cover Reveal! Unveiling The Complete Dragon Sisters Edition

Get your first glimpse of the gorgeous new cover for The Complete Dragon Sisters edition by Joyce Chng.

Joyce Chng's Dragon Sisters series is a beautifully written children's fantasy epic.

Filled with action, adventure, magic and love, they help plug an unfortunately large gap in children's books - diversity! These are tales that transport the reader to a fantasy-wrapped Qing-period China. Names, places, customs, language, tradition, culture, and mythology all transport us without patronising readers. The included recipes open up our senses. The gorgeous imagery in the accessible writing pulls us along with the Dragon Sisters' adventures...

The Dragon Sisters series includes:

Xiao Xiao & The Dragon's Pearl

When Xiao Xiao, a daughter of an Imperial Courtesan, meets Ming Zhu, a dragon princess, daughter of the Dragon King, a friendship is formed. But will Princess Ming Zhu ever return back to her watery kingdom and reconcile with her father, the Dragon King?

Ming Zhu & The Pearl That Shines

The adventures of Xiao Xiao and Ming Zhu continues, with this half of the story focusing more on Ming Zhu. Of course, there are recipes, festivals and the intensity of a friendship.

Pearl of the Palace

Xiao Xiao and Ming Zhu have been apart a long time, but now the Nian has risen and it won't go easily. The uneasy stand-off between the ships of the barbarian West and Qing China is destroyed as the Nian takes the most precious treasure in Xiao Xiao's life. Can the dragon sisters overcome this ancient creature, or will war and earthquakes destroy their world?

Xiao Xiao & The Dragon's Pearl and Ming Zhu & The Pearl That Shines are already collected in the Dragon Sisters edition. And Pearl of the Palace is its own edition.


Next week, Scarlet Ferret will launch the COMPLETE DRAGON SISTERS EDITION, containing all three Dragon Sisters tales!

The Complete Dragon Sisters

The Complete Dragon Sisters Edition ebook launches on the 25th of January, 2021 exclusively on Scarlet Ferret!

And here is the amazing new cover, designed by Anupam Mohapatra!


As well as all the extras from the current Dragon Sisters series, the Complete Edition includes even more exclusive content!

Emphasising the young audience, the global situation with closed schools and home learning, and the joy that Joyce's extras always bring (RECIPES!!!), we'll be adding something special to the mix...

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Prepare for more Dragon Sisters next week!

Joyce Chng

Joyce Chng lives in Singapore. Their fiction has appeared in The Apex Book of World SF II, We See A Different Frontier, Cranky Ladies of History, and Accessing The Future. Joyce also co-edited THE SEA IS OURS: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia with Jaymee Goh. Their recent space opera novels deal with wolf clans (Starfang: Rise of the Clan) and vineyards (Water into Wine) respectively.

They also write speculative poetry with recent ones in Rambutan Literary and Uncanny Magazine. Occasionally, they wrangle article editing at Strange Horizons and manages Umbel & Panicle, a poetry journal and ezine about and for plants and botany (which they also founded). Alter-ego J. Damask writes about werewolves in Singapore.

Pronouns: she/her, they/their

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Cover of The Complete Dragon Sisters

The Complete Dragon Sisters


£4.99 Dragon-filled adventure for children aged 8-12+ The complete omnibus edition of the Dragon Sisters magical Chinese fantasy series. Includes all three exciting Qing-China inspired tales.

Cover of Pearl of the Palace

Pearl of the Palace


£2.99 Book 2 of 2 in the The Dragon Sisters series Exciting conclusion to the Dragon Sisters trilogy! Xiao Xiao dreams an ominous dream of a terrible creature, the Nian. Half lion, half dragon, half everything, it threatens all she loves.

Cover of Sun Dragon's Song

Sun Dragon's Song


£2.99 Dragon-riding middle grade fantasy tale. More than anything, young Ho Yi wishes to become a Sun Dragon Rider, the courageous human guardians of the magnificent beasts that roam the sky and keep watch over the land.

Cover of Dragon Sisters

Dragon Sisters


£3.99 Book 1 of 2 in the The Dragon Sisters series First two stories in an exciting children's tale. Enter a world of fantasy and magic and recipes set in Qing China. What happens when Xiao Xiao, a daughter of an Imperial Courtesan, finds a magical green pearl in the hands of her adoptive little sister?

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