Welcome our massive new historical fantasy series, Empire's Legacy!

Marian L. Thorpe's epic 7-book award-winning historical fantasy comes to Scarlet Ferret, with stunning extras and a huge Season Pass saving!

Are you looking for historical fantasy or fiction that's a bit more 'slice-of-life'?

Would you love to read something that has an epic background, but is more interested in the characters, their lives, their emotions, their relationships, their loves, and how they overcome the conflicts that the epic stuff throws into their day-to-day lives?

If so, welcome to Marian L. Thorpe's Special Edition award-winning Empire's Legacy series

Beginning with Empire's Daughter, we're introduced to Lena, a fisherwoman in a small village populated solely by women.

Many generations past, the great empire from the east left Lena's country to its own defences. Now invasion threatens...and to save their land, women must learn the skills of war.

But in a world reminiscent of Britain after the fall of Rome, only men fight; women farm and fish. Lena's choice to answer her leader's call to arms separates her from her lover Maya, beginning her journey of exploration: a journey of body, mind and heart.

Hooked yet?

Lonely and afraid, each decision Lena makes brings more terrible consequences, until even her own people turn against her. Her partner in exile, the enigmatic diplomat Cillian, has no survival skills. Lena’s quick wit and prowess with knife and bow keeps them alive as they search for a lost Empire of immense and ancient power.

How about now?


Readers love the development of the characters, the political intrigue, the family relationships, and loves lost and found.

From The Book Review Directory:

This book…! Now this book is just something special…

This book gives a reader so much more than just one idea, one plot, one theme around strong women. This book will have you witness an Empire’s current, past and future affairs with its history literally changing before your eyes. It was absolutely fantastic!

According to Andrea Lundgren:

This is easily one of the most intriguing books I’ve read all year.

...the story focuses on what would happen in a small fishing village where very old traditions are suddenly overturned by the threat of invasion and what real people would do in response to such a crisis.

Lena is forced to consider the nature of government, ethics, warfare, violence, sexuality, intimacy, and betrayal, and each weighty concept is given it’s proper due.

The Series

Empire's Legacy is set in a land inspired by Post-Roman Britain and is neither magical fantasy nor historical fiction, but a unique world both familiar and unfamiliar - an empire on the edge of history.

Plus the seventh book which will be published in early 2023.

Award Winning

Empire's Legacy has won multiple independent author awards, including:

  • Silver Medal, Historical Fantasy Box Set - 2019 Coffee Pot Book Club Awards
  • Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award, 2021
  • Eric Hoffer Finalist, 2021
  • BBNYA 2021 Semi-Finalist


As always, each Special Edition ebook comes with wonderfully themed Extras.

Empire's Daughter includes the prequel story, The Road to Partition, set 10 generations before Empire's Daughter, along with a haunting audio recording of Tice's Song from the book.

The subsequent titles each include extras that expand the world, the characters, the history. Short stories, songs, poems.

And maps! Oh boy are there maps! (You know how I love maps, right?)

More info on the maps soon.


You can buy the first book, Empire's Daughter, today!

Or buy the Empire's Legacy Season Pass and get all seven books at a very good discounted price!

You'll receive Empire's Daughter immediately, and then one book a month until the launch of the currently un-published seventh book in early 2023.

Neither magical fantasy nor historical fiction, but a unique world both familiar and unfamiliar - an empire on the edge of history.

Empire's Legacy - Season Pass

by Marian L. Thorpe

A country on the brink of defeat. A woman who answers a call to arms. A man to challenge an Empire.



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Marian L. Thorpe

After two careers as a research scientist and an educator, Marian decided it was time to do what she'd always really wanted, and be a writer.

As well as her novels, Marian has published short stories and poetry. Her life-long interest in Roman and post-Roman European history provided the inspiration for her books, while other interests in landscape archaeology and birding provide the background.

Author page


Cover of Empress & Soldier

Empress & Soldier

by 11 hours £4.99 Book 7/7

Druisius, the son of a merchant, is sixteen when an order from his father that he can neither forgive nor forget drives him from home and into the danger and intrigue of the military.

Cover of Empire's Heir

Empire's Heir

by 11 hours £4.99 Book 6/7

Some games are played for mortal stakes.

Cover of Empire's Reckoning

Empire's Reckoning

by 9 hours £4.99 Book 5/7

How many secrets does your family have? And how high the price of peace?

Cover of Oraiáphon


by 4 hours £2.99 Book 4/7

Can a musician heal, when a physician cannot? Can Sorley's music convince the gods to spare a life – and if so, at what cost?

Cover of Empire's Exile

Empire's Exile

by 12 hours £4.99 Book 3/7

A task she cannot refuse. A land that holds secrets. And a man Lena doesn't know if she can trust.

Cover of Empire's Hostage

Empire's Hostage

by 8 hours £4.99 Book 2/7

A task she cannot refuse. A land that holds secrets. And a man Lena doesn't know if she can trust.

Cover of Empire's Daughter

Empire's Daughter

by 10 hours £4.99 Book 1/7

An Emperor's request. A lover's refusal. And a young woman who must choose between them. Every journey begins with a choice.

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