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Independent small publishers are the life-blood of the book industry. They do all the innovating and growing, and are the truly creative publishers.

Brain Mill Press

Brain Mill Press discovers immediate, immersive, and urgent books in order to inspire and represent readers everywhere and support a just publishing paradigm.

Brain Mill Press publishes titles by underrepresented authors. Our perfect reader is someone who is voracious, looking for books that provide a mirror and a window, and who reads widely across genres.

Campanile Books

Campanile Books is a literary imprint that resurrects the spirit of Campanile Press, a leading press in the 1900s. For more than 100 years, Campanile was known for literature of regional interest and literary merit.

Today's Campanile Books publishes contemporary fiction, historical mysteries and reprints of classic works.

counterpoise records

The publishing imprint of author, Tenea D. Johnson.

Tenea was born in Kentucky. From it, she took the calm of the Ohio River and the swell of honesty (sometimes refreshing, sometimes catastrophic) that afflicts the folks born along its banks. Writing sustains her; music saves her. As often as possible, she straddles their borders to create compositions/fusions/hyphenated watchamacallit better heard than described.

Cowslip Press

The publishing imprint of author, Caroline Gilfillan.

Caroline Gilfillan was brought up in a sleepy Sussex town and as soon as possible escaped to Paris, where she lived in a garret close to the Louvre.

In between her creative projects she worked in publishing and education.

She’s also a singer/songwriter, performing solo and in the semi-acoustic duo Further to Fly, with Debs Williams. Caroline lives in the Lake District.

Louise Walters Books

I founded Louise Walters Books in 2017. Facing the prospect of turning fifty in the November of that year and, clock ticking, I remember thinking, I need to do this now, if I'm gonna do it. So I did. Getting older brings its advantages; a certain recklessness and determination...

LWB is very small and proudly independent. I've been fortunate in finding seven hugely talented authors. I'm a one-woman band; I project manage and edit each title. I work with a talented team of freelance professionals who design my covers and interiors, and help me with copy-editing.

Queen of Swords Press

Queen of Swords is an independent small press specializing in swashbuckling tales of derring-do, bold new adventures in time and space, mysterious stories of the occult and arcane and fantastical tales of people and lands far and near.

Scarlet Ferret

As well as selling Special Edition ebooks with exciting digital extras, we also sell Special Edition ebooks with exciting digital extras that we co-publish!

We call it co-publishing because the author retains all the rights as well as the same payment rate (of 80% of sale price) as our other authors. We're working on it together, not taking over or claiming ownership. We help authors with brilliant stories, but who may be hitting technical issues with creating or publishing their ebooks, or who just can't afford cover art on their own.

Witch Key Fiction

The publishing imprint of author, Victoria Corva.

Victoria Corva writes things and reads things and reads things out loud, and sometimes they get paid for that, which is nice because it means they can feed their cat.

They live in Wiltshire with their partner and their furry familiar and as many books as they could fit in their small flat.

They are anxious and autistic and doing just fine.