Co-Publishing Special Edition Ebooks

We also co-publish ebooks and distribute them to other digital retailers (without the cool extras, of course).

As well as selling Special Edition ebooks with exciting digital extras, we also sell Special Edition ebooks with exciting digital extras that WE CO-PUBLISH!

We call it co-publishing because the author retains all the rights as well as the same payment rate (of 80% of sale price) as our other authors. We're working on it together, not taking over or claiming ownership. We help authors with brilliant stories, but who may be hitting technical issues with creating or publishing their ebooks, or who just can't afford cover art on their own.

Some remain exclusively available only on Scarlet Ferret, along with their extras. Others we distribute across a wide range of ebook retailers and library systems, except Amazon (who we boycott).

The author gets help with publishing their story, while we get an opportunity to sell an amazing book we believe in - as well as learn lots along the way.

Co-Published Books

Supporting authors with high rates and co-developing extras isn't all we do.
We also co-publish ebooks to help authors get a leg-up with putting their book together, the costs of cover art and ISBNs, and distributing to digital retailers.

Cover of The Witches of Greasy Creek

The Witches of Greasy Creek

by 7 hours £4.99

In an attempt to start her life over, Kate Lawson stumbles into a world of ghosts, a missing girl, and an unsolved murder.

Cover of The Book of Were-Wolves

The Book of Were-Wolves

by 5 hours £2.99

With the shocking histories of 10 famous cases, this classic blends science, superstition, and fiction to tell the full story of the werewolves among us.

Cover of The Complete Dragon Sisters

The Complete Dragon Sisters

by 3 hours £4.99

The complete omnibus edition of the Dragon Sisters magical Chinese fantasy series. Includes all three exciting Qing-China inspired tales.

Cover of Pearl of the Palace

Pearl of the Palace

by An hour £2.99 Book 2/2

Xiao Xiao dreams an ominous dream of a terrible creature, the Nian. Half lion, half dragon, half everything, it threatens all she loves.

Cover of A Bagful of Dragon

A Bagful of Dragon

by 8 hours £4.99

Inayat isn't a witch. She's a not-quite-ordinary twenty-something, screwing up her life one failed date at a time. But when she dumps the wrong magician, Inayat finds herself in a bubbling cauldron of paranoid fear.

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