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Book Review: Airedale by Dylan Byford

A uniquely West Yorkshire cyberpunk thriller with stark and realistic social predictions.

Book Review: The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson by Helen Kitson

The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson by Helen Kitson is a post-modern tale of friendship and fate, where the truth is only a simulacrum of itself. It's probably literary, but it's far more accessible than that suggests.

Book Review: Flora and Jim, by BP Gregory

When earth has frozen over, what will you do to save mankind? Admit that it’s too late and bow out gracefully? Or battle on, dragging your child through hell, no end in sight?

Book Review: Evolution by Tenea D. Johnson

Evolution by Tenea D. Johnson provides dull pain as humans destroy themselves over and over, the same modern pressures we already know, ramped up to the extreme.

Book Review: A Duet for Invisible Strings by Llinos Cathryn Thomas

A tale of sweet, unrequited love, embittered by the possibility of devastating loss, set to music.

Book Review: Books and Bone by Victoria Corva

Necromancers, healing, therianthropy and antiquarian magical libraries ... what more could a fantasy reader want?

Book Review: R/evolution by Tenea D. Johnson

Thoughtful, precisely written, well-designed and powerful, Johnson’s R/evolution is an epic in a nutshell, a Tardis in a book.

Book Review: The Town by B.P. Gregory

An Australian horror tale filled with suspense, flawed heroes, bizzarro situations and terrified bravery. And it's funny with it.